Windows BKF Repair - Restore Data from Corrupt Back Up File!

In a business, be it small or large, data is the crucial item that every user wants to keep secure. This is the reason why they take the back up of required files. But, completely relying on backup data is a bad idea. Think what will happen if your backup files gets corrupt! It could be possible that all your planning and calculation may get hamper. This is the reason why it is suggested to companies to get equipped with Windows backup file recovery solutions. Windows BKF repair software is one of the perfect applications which can perform the data restoration task efficiently. This Windows BKF repair freeware software is capable of handling n number of corruption issues, be it lost catalog file, virus hit, unexpected system shut down etc and can fetch accurate data that a user can rely on. This software is compatible with all Window OS and retrieves any type of data irrespective of its size.

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Versatile Software Scanning Options:

BKF recovery software offers three scanning modes: Quick scan, Deep scan and Range scan. User can choose which option is perfect for the time and situation:

Quick scan: This option works on less corrupt files. It just quickly scans the file and recovers corrupt files & repair windows bkf files and folders.

Deep Scan Option: This is the most effective and suggested option to work with. Basically fit for heavy corrupt files. Windows BKF repair freeware software thoroughly scans the file, repair BKF and recover the corrupt data from the backup file.

Range Scan: As the name suggest it works on range of file. So, if a user wants to recover a particular set of data he/she can go for this BKF recovery option. Before it starts its function this software asks for a range (Range in the form of percentage) and scan only on that part.

Example: If user wants to scan 15 percentage of BKF file then the software will work on same. Its distinctive interesting feature helps in time, effort management

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BKF Recovery – Video

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